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We recently did a shoot for Yamaha to illustrate their RemoteLesson technology as well as to market their latest piano series, the CFX. Knowing nothing about pianos or this technology, I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but was certainly happy to be along for the ride. The first portion of the shoot was a series of testimonials and recitals by well-known classical and jazz pianists, most notably Byron Janis and Olga Kern. It was absolutely amazing to hear them play and I hope to post their full length recitals one day. The second portion of production focused on the piano itself, which provided many challenges including animating an inanimate object as well as finding a iconic location to situate the piano. Fortunately, Yamaha was able to have the piano delivered to the Bam Opera House in downtown Brooklyn. Unfortunately, they were between shows, so there was no backdrop, nothing covering the floor and no stage lighting installed, so we were very limited in shot selection, but made the best of an undesirable situation. If you have never been to BAM it is absolutely worth the trip. They host just about anything and everything from Rock Concerts to Low-Budget Films. I have seen a number of things including my friend Dr. Israelperform at BAMcafe. Here is a link to their programs if you find yourself looking for something to do.

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