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Is Video right for my company?

Becoming a better Producer


Incorporating Visual Assets into a Video

Limitations and Parameters

Quotes for Equipment Packages

Generating a Shooting Script

Information for RFP

Approaching a co-sponsor

Staffing a Freelance Crew

Getting the most out of Scouting

Production Planning


As digital media becomes more and more prevalent, companies are relying on videos as a means to deliver many proclamations. Unfortunately, needs often outway resources and there is rarely a turn-key solution that is easily employed. Arbuckle offers consultation services that help companies properly produce, distribute and monitor video content, at all phases of a project.


Arbuckle provides fee-based consultation and planning to answer questions and to help strategically integrate videos with existing marketing initiatives. We familiarize people with the process and help make valuable decisions before and after videos are completed. Arbuckle evaluates existing footage, previous campaigns, as well as pre-owned equipment.


For many companies, major commercial productions are financially challenging, and "in-house" alternatives are a realistic substitute. Arbuckle can help determine the proper gear and software for your specific situation. Part of our goal is to help your company avoid labor-intensive pitfalls associated with research and production.   


Regardless of where you are in the process, feel free to reach out to us for advice. We have 8 years of experience and expertise including the production and distribution of two documentary films. We have released hundreds of videos and have helped in the creation and distribution of many successful video campaigns.

What equipment should I purchase?

Renting vs. Purchasing

Managing your crew

Hiring Crews in different locations

Increasing your "Production Value"

Acheiving specific aesthetics


Overseas Productions


Shooting Exteriors

Storage and File Management

Audio/Video Tech


How can I get better traction on my videos?

How should I monitor my videos?

What video platform should I use?


Approaching the Press

Understanding Lengths and Formats

Alternate uses of Finished Videos

Evaluation of completed projects

General Distribution Guidance

Digital Media Recognition

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