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We offer a wide range of camera and audio services that can significantly increase the value of your production. We are constantly reinvesting to remain at the forefront of the industry and familiarizing ourselves with the latest in technology, technique and equipment.


The size of our productions range in scale, from 2 person shoots to 20 person crews, from T.V. pilots, to feature length documentaries. We have a trusted network of subcontractors and collaborators that we source depending upon the needs of each specific project. Trying to hire and cast a production can be incredibly time intensive with no guaranteed results. At Arbuckle, we work with trusted crew to ensure that your product distinguishes itself from the multitude of mediocre videos that clog the outlets.


We own the bulk of the equipment we use, which helps reduce rental fees that often inflate budgets and waste crew time picking up and droping off gear. This also ensures that our crew is working confidently with equipment that is properly maintained and very familiar with. Our equipment packages can be specifically outfitted to a condensed set of luggage for easily airline travel, to larger shoots in our company owned production van.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Are you an agency?

We are not an agency, we are an independent production company with full time and part time employees. We don’t work with or for agents, and revel in the fact that we have removed the need for a “middleman” between ourselves and our clients. Arbuckle is equipped to handle all of the same needs that would normally be handled by an agency, including creative scripting, branding and distribution marketing.


Is your company insured?

We are covered with 1 million in general production liability which is the standard level of protection along with workers comp. Our equipment is also fully insured so we're ready and covered to shoot at any time!


What equipment do you own?

For an up-to-date list of equipment we own click here.


Is your crew willing to travel?

Absolutely. We are equipped with airport friendly gear packages as well as the proper identification for needed for travel. We own a 6 passenger production van with adequate space for crew and gear. We have done work from coast to coast as well as a few places in between.


What is a timelapse and are you capable of capturing timelapse?

A timelapse is the technique of using a series of still images (photographs) to show movement over time. This is most commonly used to illustrate the movement of an object or light source over the course of a specified amount of time.


How do I calculate a budget for my production?

Production Budgets are not always the easiest thing to calculate. They are generally broken up into the following phases Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution. Budgets depend on the number of shoots, the amount of people, their daily rates, the cost of equipment rentals, as well as the cost of transportation.


When should I pay for multiple cameras?

Multiple cameras are good for a number of reasons. One, if anything ever were to go incredibly wrong with one camera, at least you have a backup of the shoot. Two, it is very rare that subjects are able to successfully convey messages in a concise, continuous statement. Having a second camera permits you the ability to hide non-continuous segments of video. Three, having a second camera angle can also increase production value and allow you to show more context by showing a wider shot than the primary camera.