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Arbuckle Industries is a full service video production company based in New York and Portland, OR. Although we place a heavy emphasis on documentary films, our work includes commercial, architectural, live-event and short film formats. We founded the company in 2007 shortly before winning the Youth Noise Short Film Contest and have since won the 2010 Arnold W. Brunner Grant along with many other honors while creating many happy clients. Arbuckle was founded by a former architectural designer, Ian Harris and landscape architect, David Krantz which has led them to specialize in architectural cinematography and design related film productions. Our first documentary film, Archiculture (2013) has received wide acclaim and has screened at over 100 design centers, schools and institutions around the globe, while our first feature-length film, Girls' Show premiered to wide acclaim at the Montclair Film Festival in May 2015 with more festival dates through late 2015. Some of our notable subjects include President Bill Clinton, actor Robert De Niro, musician David Byrne, and Pritzker Prize winners Renzo Piano, Thom Mayne, Zaha Hadid, Richard Meier and Shigeru Ban, along with over 300 other architects, artists, designers, developers, corporate leaders and politicians to date. Our clients include such notable brands and companies as Architect Magazine, Wayfair, CBRE, Friends of the High Line, the American Institute of Architects, Etsy, Regional Plan Association, Apartment Therapy, Gensler, Sasaki Associates, Columbia University, Center for Architecture Foundation, Yamaha, Turner Construction, Howard Hughes Corporation and Global Heritage Fund.
Arbuckle Industries, Company Brief, David Krantz, Ian Harris, Video Production, Production Company
Arbuckle Industries, Production Company, Video Production, New York City

Our philosophy is pretty simple, we treat each project like a unique puzzle equipped with its own set of opportunities, challenges and constraints. This way you wind up with the best visual product and we get to play with puzzles. We understand that not all clients are equipped with the same level of involvement or have the same financial backing, so we integrate your needs and skills with our experience in order to come up with a very tangible and dynamic video solution.



Most of us get into this business to be creative, so the more creative we can be, the more fulfilled we are, and the more fulfilled we are, the better off our work is. We only collaborate with people who are timely, responsible and all-around enjoyable to be around. The Arbuckle team is  so we expect the same from anyone new we invite into the family.people who like to collaborate, be creative and push their talent



If you are thinking that our company is named after the controversial comedian Fatty Arbuckle you'd be wrong, but if you don't know who he is, you should look him up. The name, Arbuckle, actually comes from the sleepy town of Arbuckle, California. Arbuckle is considered to be home by more animals than people, but it is also home to Tex's Tavern, a small nondescript bar just off the interstate that also has a full liquor store inside! Our group of friends used to stop at Tex's on the way to Oregon/Northern California for camping trips and some how wound up naming our company after the town.

David Krantz Arbuckle Co-Founder Creative Director
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Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

David Krantz has a progressing fear of adulthood and finds comfort in his improperly wired, child-like brain. He has a knack for generating wonderful ideas, and an equal knack for not remembering half of them. David spent roughly 5 years of his life acquiring a degree that he no longer uses and now works in an industry that he was never really interested in. David likes to make movies but is cursed with the inability to actually watch them. When he is not behind a camera he is probably listening to music, writing and daydreaming of lying in a Pawley’s Island hammock. After graduating from Clemson University, David moved to San Francisco, CA where he met his soon-to-be business partner Ian Harris. After spending two years in California, David left for New York City where he lives and works today.

Kevin Corcoran Arbuckle Editor Animator


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Director / Editor / Cinematographer

Jeff entered the stable world of Arbuckle after a long string of freelance gigs, ranging from music videos to health conferences to weddings. Dividing his time between directing, shooting, editing, and managing the blog and social media, Jeff has a hand in all things Arbuckle-related. With his one-man-band background, he assists in every level of production and is excited to be surrounded by other talented, passionate filmmakers. On the side, he can be found acting in comedy videos, doing stand-up, and playing guitar, skills he tries not to bring onto the professional film set.

Ian Harris Arbuckle Co-Founder Business Director
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Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ian runs the business side of the company while also producing/managing the projects that we create. His love for the stories behind the built environment led him to leave the practice of architecture and decide to pick up the camera to bring these stories to light. Since founding Arbuckle in 2007, he has helped the company produce dozens of films and conduct over 300 interviews with leading artists, architects, designers, industry leaders and politicians. He has spoken at events ranging from national conferences, professional PR and marketing organizations, film festivals and design schools. When he is not in the Arbuckle office you may find him daylighting as a design educator to junior high students, teaching architectural film courses at the University of Minnesota or Pratt Institute, or camping in the nearby mountains with his wife and son.


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