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Editing is only a small part of the Post-Production process which also includes scoring, color and audio correcting, as well as animating. Each of these categories demands the use of specific software as well as its own specialist. By mastering a project you can significantly increase the quality and continuity of an edit. Consideration should always be given to the tone and color of the overall image as well as the style of music.


Editing can seem like a foreign process but there are many tools and techniques including the use of transcripts, storyboards and assembly cuts that can help make the process more familiar. We have established an extremely efficient editing process that permits more client-based direction and input


We are constantly working with talented colorist, animators and editors who are up-to-date with the lastest software and plugins that can give your product the edge. If you are considering editing in-house, we will help ensure that you have the proper workflow and software to complete your project.

Arbuckle Industries Video Post-Production Services
Arbuckle Industries Video Production Services Banner


How does the editing process work?

Typically a project will enter the post-production phase and go through a series of edits/reviews. Different projects warrant different quantities of reviews, but it is in your best interest to allow yourself a few review sessions in order to permit some room for feedback and direction.


What is a transcription and when should I pay for one?

A transcription is a typed version of an interview. This can come in the form of a digital file or printed document. Transcriptions permit clients to make decisions about what content to include or exclude from an edit. They can be a very efficient means of working back and forth between a client and an editor.


Why should I pay for Color Correction?

Color Correction is yet another tool to help significantly increase the quality of a video. Despite how good or bad your production team is, a final edit will always benefit from at least one round of Color Correction. There are many visual modifications that can be enhanced through Color Correction Software.


When should I use stock music and when should I pay for an original score?

It is typically more cost effective to purchase stock music, however, the challenge with stock music is that it is “fixed”, meaning that you are unable to change or alter anything other than the volume. The benefit of an original score is that you can customize the tempo, tone and instruments. It also allows you to give emphasis to certain parts of the video. The one good thing about stock music is that it can be sampled before purchasing, so you know exactly what you are getting. Keep in mind that sifting through stock music can require a lot of time.


What is an Assembly Edit?

An Assembly Cut (or Rough Cut) generally refers to the first pass at organizing and assembling an edit. Assemblies can be delivered at different levels of completion, but they all typically attempt to start organizing the overall structure and narrative of an edit.

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