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The Pavilions at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took home the First Award in R+D Awards from ARCHITECT magazine for their ingenious and eco-friendly structure using recycled paper pulp, rope, and metal. Paper pulp is a cheap abundant waste material since it's used in pretty much everything from drink trays to furniture. The architects over at Ball-Nogues created a lattice of hand-strung rope over fixed structures, and then sprayed a colored slurry of paper pulp over the rope. Once the pulp hardened, it provided compressive strength on the rope and made for a really solid structure. After the festival was over, the pavilions were sent through a wood chipper and composted. An incredible display of eco friendly design.

Get an inside look at the Ball-Nogues Studio to see how these amazing creations took shape, in this video co-produced with Arbuckle Industries.

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