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Our first feature length documentary, Girls’ Show, is making its way into the festival circuit this Spring. Girls’ Show is set to premiere on May 2nd at the 2015 Montclair Film Festival. Tickets can be purchased on the Festival’s Website on April 13th. We are super excited to see this one on the big screen, as the film contains some beautifully choreographed dance routines which were captured on a 27’ jib.

The film was captured in 2012 and has taken about three years to complete. The film follows two Girls’ Show participants through their planning and preparation for the 67th Annual Girls’ Show competition, more information about the film can be found on the website.

If you don't know anything about the Montclair Film Festival, it is worth checking out. It was launced by Robert Feinberg in 2012. Despite it being the "new kid on the block", the festival has a pretty impressive lineup of programming and guests.

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