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We got to document the opening of this brilliantly designed museum in the heart of the meatpacking district. When the old location of the Whitney Museum wasn’t working out, they moved it down to the end of the High Line and the result has been spectacular. Architects Renzo Piano, and Cooper, Robertson & Partners, wanted the building to fit into the neighborhood and does it ever! The architecture of the building connects with the High Line through a network of stairs and balconys that look out over the High Line. The building connects to the community and can be seen from 360 degrees around, as well as looks out over the Hudson River. The architects intended for the building to be an art space, but also one where people could take a break from looking at art on the walls, and look outside the building to observe the living art that is the city life. This iconic art museum connects people to art as well as the community around them.

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