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Corning Glass, up in Corning, NY, does more than just make pink housing insulation. The Corning Museum of Glass showcases glass sculptures and collections ranging from a 3.500 year old glass portrait of an Egyptian Pharaoh, to modern contemporary sculptures. The museum itself is a glass work of art. In 2012, a $64 million dollar expansion plan was announced and a 100,000 square foot Contemporary Art+Design Wing expansion designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners broke ground. The architecture of the building focuses on pairing light and glass, and celebrating the relationship between the two. The building is mostly lit by natural sunlight becuase natural sunlight highlights the glass best and really makes it pop. The design of the building channels the sunlight to the floor to illuminate the glass objects situated on the floor, creating an ethereal atmosphere for the museum-goers. And don’t throw stones in this building, everything including the stairs and bridges are made of glass!

Client: Architect Magazine

Camera: (2) BlackMagic Production Camera 4K

Lighting: Natural Sunlight

Interviewees: 1

Production: 1.5 Days with 3 crew

Post-Production: 2 Days

Date: May 2015

Location: Corning, NY

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