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When the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) wanted to create a piece about their expansion and restoration, they came to Arbuckle once again. This time around had the great opportunity to interview the leadership of the museum as they shared their vision for the institution, and hopes for its future. The production was featured at the beginning of their annual award gala to gather support for the museum and its mission.

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While working on this production, the leaders shared with us the fact that MCNY is currently the only museum in the city that is solely dedicated to sharing New York’s history with its citizens and visitors. The plan for the current restoration is to bring the museum up to 21st century museum standards and to have a new exhibit all about the history of New York.

The video touches on the fact that the MCNY is close to completing this 8 figure restoration which includes the Frederick AO Schwarz Children’s Center that hosts over 50,000 children annually for a variety of enriching educational programs. This provides an amazing experience for these students to learn about their city and to bring its rich history to life. And since it’s back to school time, there’s soon to be busloads of kids visiting the museum! Checkout the video above outlining the museum’s noble mission and impact.

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