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If there’s one constant in the film industry, it’s change. Equipment and technology evolves so quickly it’s hard to stay on top of it. However, when it comes to increasing production value, acquiring the latest technology is usually a good investment in the company. At Arbuckle, we had been using standard 1x1 LED light panels with diffusion and gels in an attempt to create the best lighting scenario for dynamic skin tones and shading for shoots. It was a lot of hassle, a lot of makeup involved, and the light was still not making us happy. We were eager to find a new solution and kept our eyes and ears out for any new products.

Cineo rocked the film production scene with their introductin of the Remote Phosphor LED lights (great explanation here). And to say the least, we fell head over heels in love. We rushed to embrace this change and swapped out our old school hot lights for the super slick new Cineo HS Remote Phosphor lights. These things are absolutely fantastic because they are the closest natural spectrum producing lights we’ve ever touched. With beautifully soft and balanced light, they have a perfectly diffused light spectrum that enables us to sculpt the most flattering light on all our interviewees faces even making people seem to have makeup, without the expensive makeup artist! And the icing on top is that they’re cool - unlike tungsten lights which many still use and their dimmability is an added bonus! So if you can’t tell, we are in love with our new Cineo lights and can’t wait to continue using them to create even better looking interviewees in all our productions.

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