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Video Credit: Squatty Potty

A very simple device may revolutionize your bathroom experience: the Squatty Potty. It's a stool that helps you with your stool. No joke! It's been featured on Shark Tank, Men's Health, The Washington Post, NPR, and even the potty mouth himself, Howard Stern. This ingenius little piece of engineering capitalizes on the fact that in nature, without toilets, humans squat when they relieve themselves. They don't sit upright, as if on a throne. Research has shown that sitting upright only partially relaxes the tight muscle around the colon, and this blocks the flow of waste. The Squatty Potty claims that proper toilet posture (squatting foward) fully relaxes the muscle, allowing the colon to empty quickly and completely.

What do you think of all this? Do you have trouble, like so many Americans, with relieving yourself? If so, would you try out the Squatty Potty? Even if you have no interest, be sure to watch the video above. You'll never look at ice cream, or unicorns, the same again!

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