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Video Credit: Arbuckle Industries

This is one of four videos in our annual honoree series for the AIANY Heritage Ball. This film honors Jed Walentas, a principal of Two Trees Management. Jed has led the way in transforming the Williamsburg waterfront with the redevelopment of the 11-acre Domino sugar factory site. The mixed-use project has started construction on a $200 million, 16-story building, and is expected to take about eight years to complete. It will include a residential section comprising four to five hundred units, as well as cultural space and parkland.

Two Trees has developed and managed more than forty million square feet of commercial and residential real estate, mostly in New York City. They are best known for their work in transforming the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, where they built twelve buildings comprising over three million square feet of commercial and residential space, complete with amazing views of Manhattan!

We had the great opportunity to spend some time with Jed and the crew and climb into the old Domino building as it was being demolished.

Photo Credits: Arbuckle Industries

Camera: Blackmagic 4K

Lens: Canon L series

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