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Video Credit: Arbuckle Industries

This is one of four videos in our annual honoree series for the AIANY Heritage Ball. This film honors Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, who continuously grows and diversifies New York City's economy, invests in emerging industries across the five boroughs, builds new generations of affordable housing, and helps New Yorkers secure good-paying jobs that can support a family. Recent examples of her work include spearheading WENYC, an entrepreneurship initiative to equip women with the skills and resources they need to create and grow businesses, and implementing Career Pathways, an overhaul of the $500 million workforce development system to focus on an industry partnership model where real-time feedback from businesses informs training for New Yorkers who can then enter productive, good-paying careers.

In 2015, Glen launched the $150 million Life Sciences Funding Initiative to position New York City as a worldwide center of biotechnology, and has targeted industries from fasion to food manufacturing with a range of investments to help them adapt to changes in technology and compete with a global economy.

Camera: Blackmagic 4K

Lens: Canon L series

Lights: Cineo TruColor HS Remote Phosphor LEDs

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