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We were recently invited to participate in one of the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter Marketing and Communications Committee's events to speak on architectural filmmaking. Having both of the company's founders be ex-architects/landscape architects and having spent the past 6 years producing various video products for architecture firms, architectural organizations and architectural media we felt like we've been groomed specifically for this opportunity. So naturally we tried to condense all 6 years of experience, lessons learned and our process into a "10 minute" presentation. Hint, it turns into about a 20 minute rapid fire adventure but you can just watch for yourself. And please excuse the "ahhh's" and "umm's."

Give it a watch and let us know what you learned through Ian's quick paced ramblings. We hope to refine this and present it many times in the near future... eventually posting the fully developed Prezi presentation to our website in the coming months. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect further. We are always available to come by your office and give it in person since we love finding new collaborators and consulting others get their video productions started!

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