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Have you considered collaborating on a video project with one of your current clients?


Video production is laborious. We’ve found that the majority of our clients underestimate the time, energy, and costs that are necessary for video production. By asking them to collaborate with partners, your clients can split the costs of production and share the responsibility of distribution. So that means, larger-scale projects, better-paying work, happier clients, and most importantly, happier video production team!


Client: “I posted our video on my company’s Facebook page. Why isn’t it viral yet?”

Many clients are upset when their videos do not become instant internet sensations. We typically tell people that unless your product involves sexy ladies or grumpy cats, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time and money to get some viewers. By teaming up with additional stakeholders, partners, or sponsors, clients can cross-promote their content, and significantly broaden the viewership of their videos. See the collaboration below for a great example!

Chevrolet + OK GO + Gretsch Guitars

In early 2012, Chevrolet made headlines by collaborating with the internet’s favorite indie group, OK GO. Here we have two vastly disparate organizations-- a wacky rock band and a renowned American institution-- coming together (with the help of Gretsch guitars) to share a production that promoted both of their brands and resulted in a video worth 31 MILLION views! By collaborating with Chevy, OK GO was able to garner more views than 3 or 4 of their music videos combined. Do you know any giant organizations that would co-produce your videos?

Stumptown + Mast Brothers + Sixpoint

Another example is the current team-up between Sixpoint Brewery, Stumptown Coffee, and Mast Brothers. This is a no-brainer-- collaborations between breweries and artisanal products are not uncommon, and by connecting these dots, they are each able to appeal to each other’s dedicated customer base. Even though they’re all within the same industry, beer drinkers are now exposed to coffee, coffee-lovers can fall in love with gourmet brews, and everyone gets a new perspective of fancy chocolate. Think about your list of clients-- are there any no-brainer connections between them?


Collaboration can produce some unwanted side effects. You don’t want too many chefs spoiling your good broth! Sometimes, nothing is worse than a list of emails pointing you in different directions. Don’t force a partnership if it is not going to result in a genuine product. Conduct thorough research and make sure the motivations of the company align.

Remember, this is a very powerful option with great potential to increase everyone’s ROI, but it’s not a silver-bullet solution.

What are your favorite brand collaborations? Comment below and good luck connecting the dots!

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