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The AIA’s “ilookup” campaign is near and dear to us over here at Arbuckle Industries because our business director, Ian Harris, is one of the judges for the ilookup film challenge! He’ll be helping to judge the short film submissions as part of the film challenge. The judges picked for this year’s competition represent a wide range of incredibly accomplished professionals in the architectural and media fields. Check out the rest of them here. Arbuckle has also done lots of work for the AIA over the years by producing the honoree videos for those awarded at the yearly New York Chapter’s Heritage Ball, celebrating those who have made exceptional contributions to the architectural world in the past year. The Look Up Film Challenge is a great opportunity for filmmakers to join forces with architects to visually depict their static structures and bring life and movement to stationary buildings. Filmmakers can submit short films about how architects and their works are making a positive contribution and impact on the community in which they live, and beyond.

The ilookup campaign is a challenge to the architecture appreciating community, and documentary series to raise awareness for the architecture that surrounds us everyday and if we’d only look up, we’d see it. People are invited to post pictures of dynamic architecture and buildings on instagram and twitter with the hashtag #ilookup. There are several videos that have been made as part of the “Look Up” documentary series celebrating different architects and talking about the future of buildings and how architecture is changing. The first video in the “Look Up” documentary series teamed up a few student filmmakers with an architecture student to tell the story of Chris Downey, an architect that is pioneering new kinds of architecture for blind and visually impaired people. Being blind himself, Downey brings creative ways of envisioning new buildings to the table. His approach to architecture embodies the spirit and purpose of the ilookup film challenge - get people to look at architecture in new and dynamic ways.

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