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The Seamarq Hotel at Gyongpodae, South Korea is a landmark hotel designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect, Richard Meier with partner Dukho Yeon. The Seamarq overlooks the East Sea on the Korean Coast and is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel comprised of two main buildings with several outlying structures on the peninsula shaped site.

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Unfortunately, Richard Meier was unable to attend the grand opening so they tapped us to roll our gear a few midtown blocks to sit down with him at his studio sending his best wishes. To add dynamism to the video we captured some great footage of Dukho and the rest of the team showing off their design and models they used to conceptualize the hotel. These mock-ups and study models were just as impressive as the actual building. The finished hotel has a futuristic look to it and seems to rise up from the hill shaped site as you approach it from afar. It’s sure to be an amazing experience for the hotel’s high-profile guests.

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One additionally unique aspect of this project to note, was that it allowed us to bust out our Korean skills! Well, not really, since no one here at Arbuckle currently speaks Korean, but we did get to use our snazzy subtitling software. We’re pros at this - our first short documentary, Archiculture, was subtitled in 5 different languages!

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