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We got to interview Pritzker Prize winning architect, Thom Mayne of Morphosis again this past week. This time it is for a production we are making for Cooper Union to act as a recruitment tool for potential students to the university along with allowing the public to get a tour of the building which is not frequently accessible due to its high-volume, private academic uses.

Not really sure what's going on here but I think this was when we were discussing our Blackmagic Production 4K cameras with Thom before we sat down for his interview to discuss the design for 41 Cooper Square.

After the interview we took a walk around the building to grab some b-roll of him and came upon an epic vantage point looking straight up through the building outside the auditorium.

Where you see this. A void that runs from the basement where we're standing all the way through the core of the building's mass to the top creating the main circulation space of skip-stop elevator landings and staircases while reflecting natural light down into the building's center.

Ian and Thom are discussing the experiential quality of the "vertical piazza" while David grabs a few quick b-roll shots of Thom's hand motions.

Thom is still very poetic and passionate about the design concepts behind this building which he said meant a lot to him and his practice as a means to develop core concepts of sustainability, skin/facade design and academic programmatic efficiency.

A contemplative shot of Thom looking through the "mesh" surrounding the circulation void.

Now on the second floor landing of the grand staircase we're grabbing a few shots of Thom interacting with another interviewee for the upcoming video, Cooper professor, Melody Baglione.

David capturing a tight b-roll shot of Thom with Melody on the grand staircase.

All still photos taken by Dominick Nero. The footage is all part of a current production we are working on with Cooper Union to be a recruitment and public tour video for the iconic 41 Cooper Square design by Morphosis. To be released in November 2015.

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