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Content Marketing continues to play an important role in acquiring new customers, new clients and new talent and videos are a great way to assists in these valuable acquisitions. However, videos don’t distribute themselves. There tends to be a misconstrued notion that once a video is uploaded that the process is complete. This misconception totally undermines one of the most essential parts in the process, the distribution. Distribution is defined as: the action of sharing something out among a number of recipients. The important thing to understand is that Distribution does demand ACTION. There are a whole slew of tasks and actions that are necessary to get the most out of a completed project, from Search Engine Optimization to Post-Completion Analytics. Below are brief explanations of some of these tasks.


Search engines aren’t yet able to convert videos to search-friendly data, but videos are able to show up in search results in the form of rich snippets.. By adding strategic keywords to titles, tags and descriptions you can greatly improve the “searchability” of your video. There are additional techniques like utilizing text transcripts, interactive transcripts and captions plugins. Video SEO is important and research indicates that it is 50 times easier to end up on the front page of search results when uploading video.


Video data is great because it is quantifiable. However, if you don’t know what you analyzing, or if you aren’t analyzing at all, it is of little value. People tend to fixate over the number of views a video collects and while this is important, there are many other valuable statistics such as “Click Through Rates” (percentage of viewers that clicked play), the “Attention Span Rate” (at what point people quit watching your video), Geographic Location (what demographics viewed your content), as well as Shares and Backlinks (links to your video)


Companies and individuals need to start treating their video outreach as a marketing opportunity rather than as a nagging constraint. Distributing original content is a chance for you and your company to engage/re-engage with bloggers, social media and press contacts. We typically encourage clients to permit embedding and public sharing of completed videos. We also encourage clients to motivate participants and parties that were involved in video production in order to help share distribution responsibilities. Consider using Content Distribution Tools like Outbrain and SimpleReach to help further promote your videos.

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