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Video Credit: Arbuckle Industries

The moment the last turkey leg is thrown into the fridge Thanksgiving night, holiday lights are turned on around the country, illuminating front yards, trees, streets and windows. But this year, the newly renovated Brookfield Place, also known as the World Financial Center, is home to a very special light installation. Designed by David Rockwell, founder and President of Rockwell Group, Luminaries is a free, interactive exhibit that is being shown daily, from 8am to 10pm, until January 10. This was our first time working with Rockwell and we could not be more happy with the results.

The installation is comprised of 650 hanging lanterns that are programmed to perform a variety of light shows throughout the night, including "Fireworks," "Snow," and "Christmas Tree." Visitors can also add their own colors to the mix. By placing both hands on one of the three kiosks and "making a wish," participants can choose which color to send up into the lanterns above and watch it ripple across the entire ceiling. Every time a wish is made, a dollar is donated to the GRAMMY Foundation, which helps support music education in schools.

We brought our whole bag of tricks on these shoots, filming from every angle and device possible. We really experimented and had a lot of fun. The grand opening to the public even featured pop star Meghan Trainor, who unfortunately did not sing for us... With only a few days left of the installation, we definitely recommend making the trip out to Brookfield Place to see the lights for yourself. Either way, take a look at our film and let us know what you think!

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